Bhadie Kelly in trouble : the s3xtape of the famous tiktokeuse makes the rounds of the net (video)

The side effects of the celebrity? Weeks ago, only one name came up on the social networks Bhadie Kelly.

Who is she? A young woman of Togolese origin living in the United States who saw her number of subscribers explode overnight from a challenge.

Fan of dance, beautiful with a dream body, the tiktokeuse makes men dream and makes women jealous in the 4 corners of the earth.

However, an unpublished video is about to leave the Internet users perplexed.

Indeed, on the images we can see a young woman who looks like the tiktokeuse in full s3xual act in a bathroom.

Is it really the most loved starlet of the moment? Or just a look-alike? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.