Dubai porta potty: a disgusting video showing female influencers engaging in s*atophilic acts in Dubai scandalizes the web

It happens sometimes while being on the Internet to encounter strange content, even downright horrible. Favored by the algorithms, especially on Tiktok, a video has particularly made the news lately.

Entitled Dubai Porta Potty, it is recommended not to go and see it, because the content shown is clearly horrible. The Internet is a window on the world, very often exciting and which can absorb Internet users for very long hours. The Internet can also be a reflection through which the worst human vices can be seen.

Video Dubai Porta Potty on Tiktok, what you need to know

This video, visible on Tiktok but since also uploaded on other social networks such as Twitter, shows no less than scatophilic acts, ie sexual acts that include excrement.
Of course, one should not click on this link, and not watch this video. The content is particularly atrocious, and can be concretely traumatic. Do not share this link, do not attempt to view it. This content, regardless of age, is very sensitive.

Many teenagers, almost always minors, frequent this platform. If the search for adrenaline is common at this age, you should not watch all the content and remain very vigilant.
This video reminds us that on the Internet, some people are malicious and clearly want to expose a sensitive and very shocking video to young people.

 That’s why it’s up to everyone to keep a distance. Protect yourself by not clicking on all the links, and don’t share it around you: it’s neither funny nor interesting, and it can leave a lasting impression on people. If you see this link being shared, report the account responsible for it very quickly to help the moderators remove this content.

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