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Maritime safety and security, what to understand?


maritime-safety-and-security-what-to-understandLome, the capital of Togo will host in one week time, the extraordinary summit of heads of State and Government of the African Union on the topic ”maritime safety and security and development in Africa”.

Even if a warm welcome is awaiting the distinguished hosts that will moderate that summit, there is still a pending confusion in the normal citizen’s mind who considers safety and security as the same concepts.

In order to shed light on the two concepts and enlighten people’s mind so as to help them come across the major issues of this summit, the head of the departmental staff of the High Council for the Sea, Mr. Hubert Bakayi took upon himself the trouble to explain this terminological difference during a training workshop of journalists last weekend.

According to him, “maritime safety is the whole package of targeted measures taken by a Government to mitigate the risks of ships incidents and accidents on the sea”, and “maritime security concerns all the measures taken by a Government to avoid violence against passengers and the crew on a ship”.

Bernard Yao Adzorgenu