Peace Corps Togo recrute (5 novembre 2019)

OPEN TO: All interested eligible and qualified candidates

POSITION: Language Coordinator

OPENING DATE: October 23, 2019

CLOSING DATE: November 13, 2019

STATUS: Full Time (40 hours per week)

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Under the supervision of the Training Manager (TM), the Language Coordinator is responsible for the planning, implementation, and administration of Peace Corps/Togo’s French and local Togolese language programs for Invitees, Trainees, and Volunteers. Trainees and Volunteers must achieve benchmarked Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) language learning levels established by Post and the Agency in order to ensure they are well-equipped to successfully live and work in their communities in a culturally appropriate manner. Primary responsibilities include developing and implementing a language acquisition and development strategy that is aligned with Peace Corps/Togo’s Logical Project Framework (LPF) goals and activities within a complex linguistic landscape; coordinating with key staff to ensure language acquisition assures quality Volunteer placement and meaningful work at site; working with training staff to design and deliver training to Invitees, Trainees, Volunteers and Host Country Nationals who support Volunteers; and managing review of Volunteer language assignments. The Language Coordinator serves as a member of the Programming and Training (P&T) team and supports Invitees, Trainees, Volunteers and Response Volunteers.


The duties of the Language Coordinator include but are not limited to:

Language Instruction 40 %

  • Language Assessment – Uses Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) to assess general language proficiency of Invitees, Trainees, Volunteers. Assesses ability to effectively use language to perform specific Volunteer tasks. Shares ongoing assessment results with Trainees, Volunteers, and staff.
  • Language Instructional Design – Within a comprehensive Language, Medical, Safety and Security, Technical sector, and Global Core curriculum, develops language and cross-cultural instructional materials to teach French and local languages to Invitees, Trainees, and Volunteers. Collaborates with all staff to ensure language and cultural training are integrated into all areas of instruction throughout the 27-month lifecycle of the Volunteer. Identifies and analyzes communicative tasks to identify what language items and aspects of culture will be taught. Identifies form, meaning, and use of language items and identifies what learners need to know about culture and themselves. Plans for assessment of language learning. Creates and maintains appropriate learning environments for both in-person and virtual language training. As a language technical expert and language specialist, assists members of the training staff and Volunteers in developing pre-departure, pre-service, and in-service training curricula and materials according to Post sector needs and objectives as well as Agency Global Core requirements.
  • Language Learner Support – Plans and facilitates classroom routines that support learner independence. Collaborates with learners, post staff, counterparts, and community members to support language learning motivation. Works with Volunteers to establish 24-month action plans for ongoing language learning at site, and manages and evaluates action plans as well as independent study and practice activities, especially through Peace Corps’ Learning Space. Supports learners in using language learning strategies throughout their service. Trains learners to identify language learning goals and evaluates their progress towards these goals.
  • Language Teaching and Training Facilitation – Participates in Pre-Departure, Pre-Service Training (PST), and In-service Training (IST) events by facilitating sessions as needed and collaborating with Language and Cultural Facilitators (LCFs), sector technical trainers, as well as Programming & Training, Safety & Security, and Medical staff members. Teaches communicative, learner-centered language lessons. Manages classroom/learner environments. Teaches aspects of culture that lead to intercultural communicative competence. Clarifies form, meaning, and use. Checks for understanding. Provides communicative practice of form, meaning, and use. Assesses language learning. Reflects on feedback to improve teacher training methods.
  • Language acquisition monitoring and evaluation – Monitors trends in language assessment and evaluation, including initiatives by other development entities working in Togo, and advises the Training Manager and Director of Program and Training (DPT) of potential modification of Peace Corps language initiatives. Creates learning assessment systems that incorporate Kirkpatrick levels 1 (reaction), 2 (learning), and 3 (behavior). In coordination with the Training Manager and the Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Specialist (MES), monitors progress towards language program goals and objectives. Analyzes data and recommends language program modifications based on data. Works with MES to ensure language capabilities do not diminish a Volunteer’s ability to collect quality technical sector and other relevant data in their communities.
  • Language reporting and dissemination – In coordination with DPT, TM, and MES, completes annual status reports related to training, especially with respect to language acquisition and progress.

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Language Training Administration 30%

  • Actively participates in the Training Design and Evaluation process to ensure the 27-month training curriculum accurately reflects the Language Task Analysis in relation to each Logical Project Framework (LPF), its accompanying M&E Plan, and Trainee/Volunteer training needs.
  • Participates in the recruitment and selection of approximately 15 part-time Language and Cultural Facilitators (LCFs). Trains LCFs and permanent Volunteer site Language Tutors on their respective responsibilities. Manages LCF workflow and assists the TM in managing their performance. Maintains contact with permanent Volunteer site Language Tutors to assess Language Tutor performance and provide feedback.
  • Plans, implements, and evaluates the LPI Tester Certification process of all LCFs on a tri-annual basis, or as needed.
  • Creates content and activities for Peace Corps/Togo’s Learning Space in order to enhance Invitee, Trainee, and Volunteer acquisition and development of French and local languages.
  • Motivates Volunteers with respect to on-going language learning through Post communication channels (Volunteer Information Newsletter VIN, Learning Space, website, social media, etc.)
  • Works with TM on developing budgets related to language and cross-cultural training needs.

Volunteer Support and Management 20%

  • Trainee/Volunteer language monitoring and assessment – Participates in the Trainee Assessment process and shares feedback regarding the readiness of each Trainee to perform in his/her proposed Volunteer assignment. Helps Trainees and Volunteers to identify their individual learning needs. Guides Trainees and Volunteers toward resources to meet those needs (manuals, tutors, Learning Space activities, etc.). Maintains a calendar of Volunteer language assignments (virtual or in-person) to assess Volunteer language progress. In coordination with other staff members, conducts periodic site visits to assess Volunteer language progress and effectiveness of Peace Corps-trained language tutors as required. Works with Volunteers throughout the life cycle of the Volunteer to assess continued progress in French and local languages.
  • Volunteer site matching and assignment – In coordination with other staff, provides information on language abilities of Trainees that assists staff in assigning Volunteers to sites.
  • LPI Score maintenance – Ensures LPI files (electronic and hard copy) are developed and maintained according to PC/Headquarters requirements and post-specific policies.
  • Coaching – Reviews, monitors, and evaluates Volunteer progress to identify strengths and weaknesses or language-related deficiencies, and provides necessary guidance, motivation, and encouragement to Volunteers.
  • Performance management – Assesses Volunteer language performance through the Volunteer Reporting Form (VRF), site visits, and consultations with language, cultural, and technical counterparts at the community level. Inquires about personal and work related problems or limitations, and provides advice and consultation as necessary. Supports other staff in ensuring Volunteer adherence to Peace Corps policies and standards of conduct. Documents cases of inappropriate behavior and briefs the TM and DPT in a timely fashion.
  • Trauma-informed support – Understands the physical, social, and emotional impact of trauma on Volunteers and provides victim-centered support.

Other 10%

  • Acts as backup to the Training Manager and other staff, as required
  • Carries the Peace Corps Security Duty Phone on a rotational basis
  • Assists colleagues in identifying and understanding their individual language learning needs, appropriate learning strategies, and recommends appropriate language learning materials and instructors.
  • Other tasks as may be assigned by the supervisor



Completion of a secondary school is required. Post-secondary education in a relevant field, such as Teaching, Adult Education/Training, Sociology, and Community Development is desirable.

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Prior Work Experience:

  • At least three years of progressively responsible experience in relevant fields (teaching, adult education/training, interpretation/translation, etc.) is required.
  • Strong experience (preferably three years or more) working closely with or supporting international students, volunteers, interns or others from a different culture, or significant experience working and living in another culture is required. Significant experience as a trainer and/or in the development of training programs is required.
  • At least two years of experience supervising or managing staff is desirable.
  • Experience in grassroots community development is highly desired.

Language Proficiency:

  • Level 5 (translator) written and spoken French and English is required
  • Proficiency in one or more of Togo’s local languages is required.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Language teaching and curriculum development, delivery, and assessment.
  • Willingness to work and live in a rural area with limited infrastructure and comfort for an extended period of time during pre-service training program is required.
  • Experience with an American organization and/or culture desirable. Must also have a good knowledge of or interest in American culture and issues of cross-cultural differences.
  • In depth knowledge of rural Togo and the Togolese education system are a plus.
  • Good computer skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook) are required .


  • Enthusiasm and aptitude to learn new IT platforms (Learning Space) for creating virtual language training modules.
  • Counseling and networking skills are highly desirable
  • Good conflict resolution skills in a cross-cultural setting are desirable
  • A sound knowledge of community development issues and problems is necessary in order to develop appropriate language activities.
  • Knowledge of participatory approaches to community development.
  • Understanding of the traditional and modern dynamics of the society.


Supervision received

Position is supervised by the Training Manager. The incumbent must be able to function well independently.

Physical condition

The duties and responsibilities of the Language Coordinator are executed from both the office in Lomé and field training and Volunteer sites. Travel to the field may be required approximately 40% of the time.

Core Leadership Responsibilities

The Contractor is expected to carry our all tasks in accordance with “Core Leadership” responsibilities (see attached).

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Safety and Security

Ensures designated part-time staff and Language Tutors participate in orientation/training and are prepared to work with and support Volunteers, including their role in Trainee/Volunteer safety and security. Maintains communication with each Trainee/Volunteer and solicits periodic feedback, including information about Volunteer safety and security. Monitors Trainee/Volunteer compliance with Peace Corps policies, especially related to safety and security, and in consultation with staff colleagues initiates corrective action as necessary. Acts as duty officer, as needed. Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.

Supervisory responsibilities

Supervisory responsibilities will be limited to supervising other Private Service Contractors (PSCs), after successful completion of training requisite to supervisory duties.

Occasional Money Holder

The PSC may be requested to courier cash and/or purchase orders to various vendors who furnish supplies and/or services to PST/IST training site, or other locations as directed by the Contracting Officer. The Contractor may also be required to courier cash to PC trainees or volunteers. The CONTRACTOR will not be functioning as a procurement or disbursing official but will only be acting as an intermediary between the Contracting or Disbursing Officer and the recipient. In the case of dealing with vendors, the CONTRACTOR will not exercise any procurement discretion concerning the supplies or services to be purchased or the cost limits of these purchases; these will be determined by the Contracting Officer.


All the applications including a cover letter and curriculum vitae in English with three references, copies of most recent diplomas, work certificates and a valid police record (Casier Judiciaire datant de moins de trois mois) must be sent to the following address by November 13, 2019: [email protected]

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