The launching of the event ‘Houinyigan 2014’


10-houingniganThe aim of the press conference organized this Wednesday, 23rd July 2014 in the Catholic Church of Hanoukopé in Lomé is to set the tone of the biennial event ‘Houinyigan’ in order to master its outline, to make Afri-muse the promoting agent be known, to announce the innovations of the event of this edition.

Indeed, to keep on the 7th edition of the Houinyigan award given in 2012 to Houinyigan Mme AYENA along with the award of Pères Modèles initiated the same year, the 8th edition of this award that rewards famous men and women through their excellence and their work in Togo as well as in Africa was launched under the theme ‘good manners in education’. This award, according to the president of Afri-Muse and the promoter of the Houinyigan award Mr. James François DJONDO, named Female Excellence Award or ‘Houinyigan’ has been initiated since 2000 in order to reward and make women actions known. The particularity of the edition of this year resides in the new denomination which is ‘’La Nuit des Trésors’’ (night of treasurers) of the four categories of personalities both male and female models to award and mainly for the aim which is to instill in the youth the taste of well done jobs for the construction of Togo.

We recall that the denomination Houinyi means ‘women of exception’. This term has its root in a language of the West African sub-region spoken in préfecture des lacs, and the great evening party ‘night of treasurers’ where Houinyigan award is given together with that of Pères Modèleswill take place at Grand Rex of Lomé this Saturday, 2nd August 2014.

Pap Jo