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The real reasons that underlie the holding of the Lomé summit


the-real-reasons-that-underlie-the-holding-of-the-lome-summitA panel of three authorities of the Togolese Republic was before the national and international press on Wednesday 12th October at Radisson Blu-Hotel 2 Février to shed light on the real issues regarding the holding of the continental meeting in our capital city with regards to maritime matters.

The panel is essentially made up of Agbeyomé Kodjo ex Prime Minister of Togo and former Managing Director of the Togolese harbour (Port Autonome de Lomé), Captain Takougnadi Néyo, head of the general staff of the Togolese navy, Ninsao Gnofam minister in charge of Transport and Infrastructures.

The holding of this meeting in Lomé emanates from the recognition that development is not possible without peace and security; and also without which no State can ensure its security in order to boost the economy of the continent, said the captain.

The choice of Togo for hosting the summit is a pledge of the confidence of the instances of the African Union in our country; and a willingness to federate the energies of the States to develop a comprehensive approach to issue safe, because “unity is strength”, he stressed.

As for Agbeyomé Kodjo the former head of the Togolese Government he takles the topic from the perspective of the interest of the Lomé summit. He explains that maritime piracy, which is rampant in the sea and on the coasts of the countries of Africa, has taken alarming proportions. According to him, although several initiatives were conducted at sub-regional and regional levels, this appeal to have more tools for a coordinated effort.

“It will be in the course of this extraordinary summit that a legal framework will be defined for effective regional cooperation un order to fight against maritime piracy; to introduce penal provisions tending to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal unreported and unregulated fishing”, he said.

It is also an opportunity to “harmonize legal dispositions to prevent and punish the maritime crime; and finally an opportunity to ratify the treaties and conventions so as to make effective the fight against maritime piracy “, he added.

For Ninsao Gnofam, this summit is in the right line of the actions of the Government that work for the economic modernization through infrastructures. He continues by explaining that “the Summit will mainly deal with issues of safety and security in connection with the economy.” He also points out the importance of fishing in our economy that directly supports at least 30,000 families according to economic studies.

Bernard Adzorgenu