Togo : annual amounts according to the different types of housing


The Office Togolais des Recettes (OTR) introduces housing taxes in Togo, in accordance with the provisions contained in the General Tax Code.

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During a press conference organized jointly with the office in charge of decentralization and the Union of Togolese Municipalities, on Tuesday 23 July 2019, the annual amounts by type of housing were announced.

These amounts vary according to the living space. Below are the annual rates, depending on the type of housing

– Concession: 4,000 CFA francs per household

– One-room apartment (studio): 2,000 CFA francs

– Two-room apartment: 6,000 CFA francs

– Three-room apartment with three (3) or more rooms: 9,000 CFA francs

– Villa or individual concession: 30,000 CFA francs

– One (1) level floor: 40,000 CFA francs

– Two-level floor (2): 75,000 CFA francs

– Floor with more than two (2) levels: 100,000 CFA francs

– Floor over an area greater than 600 m² : 100,000 CFA francs.

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It should be noted that the payment of housing taxes does not concern pupils, students, unemployed persons, apprentices, pensioners, disabled persons and diplomats or consular officers of foreign nationality, if they do not engage in an income-generating activity.