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Togo/L’ONG Compassion recrute


L’Organisation non gouvernementale Compassion recrute. Voici l’annonce de l’offre ici en anglais.

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Job Code: 10676 / Job Family: Child Program /Job Sub-Family: Program Support / Level: P2 / Grade:  6 / Position: Program Support Specialist-Youth II


This intermediate specialist consults on, develops and implements holistic child development programs and interventions. The specialist generally provides highly competent knowledge in one or more holistic development subspecialties in this field and is helpful in others. At this career level, the incumbent supports the local program design, performing independently on moderately complex issues. He or she may coach other specialists.


-Maintains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Is a consistent witness for Jesus Christ, maintains a courteous, Christlike attitude in dealing with people within and outside of Compassion, and faithfully upholds Compassion’s ministry in prayer;

-Acts as an advocate for children – raising the awareness of the needs, neglect, nurture, and potential of children in poverty and challenging and enabling those within one’s influence to greater involvement and effectiveness on behalf of children;

-Supports overall holistic child development and provides ongoing subject matter expertise in individual areas of specialization. Aids partnership facilitators, learning staff, communications staff and managers by providing coaching and knowledge within area of specialty. Supports child development community learning and improvement among staff and other stakeholders ;

-Regularly assesses changing need for and ability to deliver programming within area of expertise. Consolidates national and local data to identify common gaps and patterns. May develop strategy; maintains and supports the implementation of strategy within area of expertise. Provides advice in support of other strategy development with the country office as needed;

-Provides skilled program design support to other staff. Supports the ongoing development and implementation of local program design in alignment with the global objectives. May provide expertise to other field office professionals, support staff and ICP staff/volunteers to ensure that Implementing Church Partners are adequately informed and equipped to provide holistic development to caregivers, children and youth;

-May facilitate the identification of resource components (internal and external) for specific child development strategies and plans in support of partnership facilitator efforts with ICPs. May provide information to management and other decision-makers regarding allocation of appropriate resources. May provide input to and/or develop Interventions for funding within area of expertise;

-Designs, implements, and monitors specific holistic child development strategies and interventions. Serves partnership facilitators by providing capacity-building and child/youth/caregiver engagement activities in area of expertise. May contextualize portions of curriculum relevant to their expertise or other resources for child and youth development;

-Works with partnership facilitation by ensuring intervention records, reports, and other documentation are accurate, complete and delivered to appropriate stakeholders;

-Reviews data, reports and utilizes findings to support management and key stakeholders in improving program initiatives, interventions and child outcomes;

-May provide expertise to other program support staff in the field office.

-Provide subject matter expertise regarding the holistic development and needs of beneficiaries ages 12+. This role will collaborate with other Support Specialists, Program Trainers and Partnership Facilitators to ensure Implementing Church Partners are adequately informed and equipped to provide holistic development to youth;

-Be responsible for supporting the implementation and regular review/revision of: 1) Field Office’s Certified Youth Development Strategy; 2) Field Office’s Certified National Youth Curriculum; 3) Child Development Progress Report (CDPR) Progress Measures for ages 12+; 4) Milestone Bibles for ages 12+; 5) Other youth-related program content/elements as assigned by the Manager of Program Support;

-Understand the funding needs of Youth Development and its associated beneficiaries (ages 12+) and mobilize resources (both Compassion and non-Compassion) to meet those needs. He/She will coordinate and provide oversight to all youth related Interventions, collaborating with the associated Partnership Faciliator(s) to ensure implementation quality as well as monitoring & evaluation and learning;

-Network with other like-minded ministries & organizations in order to identify, evaluate and recommend potential partnerships related to the holistic development of youth. This role will represent Compassion International’s approach to Youth Development both internally & externally within his/her country and continually be aware of current national statistics and trends related to youth;

-Review & analyse relevant information received from CDPR assessments, the Program Support Specialist – Monitoring & Evaluation and the GMC Program Evaluation & Research Team to determine the current state of Compassion supported youth as it relates to the achievement of Outcomes. Based on this review, he/she will recommend any steps needed in regards to overall program improvement and/or the support, equipping and training of Implementing Church Partners.

Any other responsibility can be added

Skills & abilities

-An understanding of the national education system as it relates to secondary & tertiary options;

-An understanding of vocational, technical & apprenticeship options with the local context;

-An understanding of the developmental milestones & patterns of youth 12+;

-Ability to review/analyse information, reach conclusions and make relevant decisions/recommendations;

-Ability to think programmatically and make recommendations/decisions based on this;

-Ability to coordinate and facilitate discussions across multiple working groups;

-Ability to collaborate well both internally & externally;

-Ability to demonstrate servant leadership & live out Compassion’s Partnership Principles in supporting Implementing Church Partners;

-Ability to network with other ministries & organizations;

-Ability to represent Compassion on a professional level;

-Ability to communicate (verbal & written) in a clear and effective manner;

-Effective communicator, both written and verbal, in French as well as in English. Local language (Kabye, Ewe, Mina…) in addition will be for a great value.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Child/Youth Development, Social Work or other similar field.


Three years Experience working in this or similar position or field.


Driving license category B is required.


Application Letter (letter addressed to the Human Resources Business Partner), Police record, Resume/CV, Recommendation from the Spiritual Leader, Simple copy of bachelor degree diploma or certificate or any relevant documents.

Every candidate interested in this position is requested to send his application to the following addresses:

[email protected] and 05 BP 387 Lomé – Togo before 5th January 2018 at 12h00 pm.

NB: Any of the above listed document missing will lead to the application rejection.


Work Location: Field Office, but can be transfer to any part of the country

Physical Demands:  Sitting, standing, and/or walking for up to 8 hours per day

Travel Requirements : May be required to travel up to 50% even more of the normal schedule

NB: Only the retained applicants will be contacted