Togo: Peace Corps recrute (29 janvier 2020)

Under the supervision of the Director of Programming and Training (DPT), the Program Manager (PM) is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and administration of Peace Corps/Togo’s Education Project.

Togo : l’ANADEB recrute pour ces 268 postes (28 janvier 2020)

The PM represents Peace Corps/Togo with governmental and non-governmental officials when facilitating meetings in the interest of the program. PM primary responsibilities include developing and implementing a project-specific site management strategy that is aligned with national and regional priorities and Peace Corps/Togo’s Logical Project Framework goals, objectives, and activities; identifying Volunteer sites/work zones in coordination with key staff to ensure quality placement and meaningful work; conducting site visits to Volunteers; organizing meetings; working with training staff to design and deliver training to Volunteers and Host Country Nationals who support Volunteers, and reviewing Volunteer reports.

Togo / Concours d’entrée à l’EFOFAT : voici les dossiers à fournir

The PM serves as a member of the Programming and Training (P&T) team and supports Volunteers and Response Volunteers. The PM must be willing to travel extensively in the field in order to fulfill responsibilities.

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