Togo : ShARE recrute (20 novembre 2019)

ShARE is an innovative start-up at the crossroad of education and consulting, and which offers a leadership programme to university students to supplement their academic curriculum and offers to corporates a new way to do consulting, build innovative business ecosystems and access top talented individuals.

Togo : Deloitte recrute (20 novembre 2019)

Today, bright students from top universities have to choose between a “do well” career (i.e. the corporate world) and a “do good” career (i.e. the NGO world). We believe that this dual framework is not effective anymore and a new generation of leaders is needed to face the 21st century’s most pressing challenges. That’s why ShARE exists- to create a new generation of leaders who will do well for themselves and do good for the world.

To achieve this, ShARE offers a leadership programme to 650 students from more than 30 top universities and 15 countries with a strong presence in emerging markets. It is spread over 2 years and requires about 10 hours per week from the students. The programme has 4 pillars – acquisition of corporate skills, openness to the world, exposure to the society and leadership. The pedagogy follows 3 principles: learning together, learning by teaching and learning by doing. The programme is administered by a Learning Management System (LMS) which enables to track performance and learning progress of each student.

We have launched an exciting initiative in Togo in collaboration with the government of Togo to offer a customized ShARE program. The opportunity is given yearly to 20 Togolese students in their 3rd year of bachelor program and 20 Togolese students in their master’s years. We are ramping up and hiring a Deputy program manager in Togo.

Togo/RMO Job Center recrute (20 novembre 2019)

You will find more about ShARE on and more about the customized program in Togo on

Role of thedeputy program manager

The deputy program manager will mainly support the local program manager in the following 3 core responsibilities

  1. Implement the ShARE leadership program in Togo, including
  • Plan and manage the recruitment of each student cohort
  • Monitor the implementation of the program through ShARE learning platform
  • Coordinate with various stakeholders of the program, including local universities, the government, donors and private sector

Ensure that ShARE standards, norms, values and ethics are met across the local branch community (Students, staff members and suppliers)

Create and maintain an ecosystem of partners for the program

  • Identify/ negotiate with relevant partners in the donor and private sector communities
  • Monitor the activities of the ecosystem

Coach students and improve their skills

  • Coach students to improve their communication skills and presence
  • Help students to improve their English

The deputy program manager will report to the local ShARE program manager and the ShARE program director.

Emplois : ces 10 métiers qui embauchent dans le secteur bancaire

Remuneration: Depending on experience ShARE offers a competitive salary package.

Requirements and application

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5 to 8 years of working experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills: listening, public speaking, oral and written communication
  • Proven capability to work in a multicultural environment, including sensitivity and competency in working with individuals of diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and lifestyle backgrounds
  • A creative problem solver with a passion for education
  • An efficient worker producing quality work on both short- and long-term
  • Fluent in English / French (Communicate, Read and/or Write fluently)

Please send your CV and motivation letter to [email protected] with subject: Deputy Program Manager – Lomé/Togo.

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