Cellule Millennium Challenge Account Togo Office of the Presidency of the Republic  Government of Togo


Program Name : Togo Threshold Program

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) is a U.S. Government agency that assists developing countries committed to good governance, economic freedom, and investment in their people. The Government of Togo (the “Government”) has received a grant (“Thres­hold Program”) from MCC and intends to apply a part of the grant to contracts for goods, works and services. The proposed Grant will provide approximately USD 35,000,000.00 toward two main projects : the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Project and the Land Reform to Accelerate Agricultural Prodtictivity Project (LRAP).

The Government has authorized the Cellule Millennium Challenge Account Togo (“Cellule MCA-Togo”), a special purpose unit established in the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, to conduct certain procurements on its behalf and assume certain responsibilities to oversee implementation of the Grant.

In issuing this General Procurement Notice, the Government is represented by the Cellule MCA-Togo. However, it is anticipated that an Accountable Entity created by the Government, will be established and designated to serve as the accountable entity for implementing this Threshold Program. Prior to the establishment of the Accountable Entity, any references to actions taken or rights received by the Accountable Entity, shall be taken or received by the Cellule MCA-Togo on behalf of the Government, and any references herein to the Accountable Entity shall be deemed to mean Cellule MCA-Togo during this period.

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This General Procurement Notice is based on a Procurement Plan for the period [April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020]


  • Office Supplies
  • Office Furniture
  • Visibility Items for the Accountable Entity
  • IT equipment (Computers, printers, phones)
  • Asset Tags
  • Office Generator (supply and installation)


  • Consultant for ICT Technical Assistant
  • Consultant for Land Technical Assistant
  • Recruitment of legal firm for LRAP Project
  • Recruitment of a Fiscal Agent


  • Recruitment of Procurement Agent team (2 individuals)
  • Individuals for Technical Evaluation Panels (for 1CT, LRAP, Fiscal and Procurement Agent)
  • Short Term Procurement Specialist
  • Short Term Architect Services

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  • Office Renovation Build Out/Renovation


  • Office cleaning services
  • Office security firm services

Contracts for Goods. Works and Services financed under the Grant agreement will be implemeted according to the principles and procedures set out in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines (“MCC PPG”), which can be found on MCC’s website at https://www.mcc.gov/ppg

The procurements will be open to all bidders/consultants from eligible source countries, as defined in the MCC PPG.

A Specific Procurement Notice (“SPN”) for each contract to be tendered under the com­petitive bidding procedures and for each consultant contract will be announced on the United Nations Development Business (UNDB) Online at http://www.devbusiness.com/ the Development Gateway Market (dgMarket) at http://mcc.dgmarket.com/ in local news­papers, and in other media outlets, as appropriate.

Interested eligible suppliers, contractors and consultants requiring additional information, should contact Mr. Beguidouwe PANETO of the Cellule MCA-Togo at [email protected]gmail.com